Say Goodbye to Embarrassing and Unsightly Wire Braces

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Invisible Braces That No One Can See!

If your teeth need straightening, but you DON’T need those ugly wires inside your mouth, then you need to speak with our Invisalign Premier Providers in Bronx, New York for a consultation today. Forget that ugly kid’s stuff – this state of the art invisible teeth straightening system will easily and comfortably correct your teeth once and for all, and you’ll never need to wear metal braces again.


Invisalign Advantages for Bronx Patients

  • No ugly wires and hardware
  • No diet restrictions
  • No painful cuts and sores in your mouth
  • No brushing or flossing problems
  • No hassles and no regrets

Invisalign easily, comfortably and discretely straightens your teeth. How does it work? Click Play to learn more.

Invisible Braces Come from Advanced Dental Technology

Advances in dental technology have made it possible to fabricate braces that are virtually invisible to the eye. New Invisalign braces are made of durable, see-through composites that are designed to gradually move your teeth into alignment. Invisalign braces work just as well as the traditional metal braces we all knew as kids, but no one will ever know they are there.

What’s more, the smooth surface of Invisalign braces will not cause the painful mouth sores that are so common with traditional metal braces.

Removable, See-Though Braces—Now That’s a Bright Idea

Bronx_invisalign_invisible_braces_clip_image002Invisalign employs a series of clear, removable, virtually invisible plastic aligners that are custom made for each patient’s mouth. As your teeth move into position, your Bronx Invisalign dentist moves you from one aligner to the next until your smile is straight and perfect. This modern solution to an age-old problem is far more convenient than traditional wire braces, since you need to spend a fraction of the time in our office getting adjustments. This leaves you with more time for the more important things.

And because you remove Invisalign before you eat and drink, you can enjoy all your favorite foods and beverages, and there are no problems with flossing or brushing. These are just some of the huge advantages to working with a cosmetic dentist instead of a traditional orthodontist.

3-D Computer Imaging Technology Ensures that You Get the Perfect Prescription

Our Bronx, New York Invisalign dentists are specialists who will develop a custom prescription for your teeth using sophisticated CAD software to craft all the aligners in your treatment plan –  from the position in which your teeth start to the final desired position that you want them to arrive at. Our 3-D imaging capability enables you to preview the final position of your teeth before you start treatment, and it makes sure that each new aligner will fit perfectly as your teeth move incrementally according to your prescription. Patents generally move up to a new aligner every two weeks, and this technology ensures a perfect fit at each step along the way.

The Many Benefits to Choosing Invisalign Treatments in the Bronx

*We’re Experts!

premier_2016_logoDr. Wolfson was one of the first dentists to start using Invisalign, and our experience shows. Because of our experience, our office has been awarded Invisalign Premier Provider status. This means our office has completed more Invisalign cases than regular Invisalign providers or Invisalign Preferred Providers.

* Less Treatment Time

An average Invisalign treatment course takes just one year to complete. Patents visit their dentist every six to eight weeks to monitor progress and make adjustments. At regular intervals, you’ll receive a new set of custom-made, see-through aligners that will keep your teeth moving incrementally toward their final alignment. How many aligners you will need is completely up to you and your mouth—your Bronx Invisalign dentist will determine how many will be required.

* Boost Your Confidence AND Your Oral Health

Straightening your smile will ensure the health and longevity of your teeth, as well as give you the confidence that comes from looking your best. With Invisalign, you don’t have to trade off looking your best for doing what’s right for your oral health. Invisalign provides you with virtually invisible braces that ensure you won’t draw negative attention while your mouth is still a work in progress.

* Comfort and Ease that’s Clearly Superior

Invisalign clear braces are far more comfortable to wear, and far easier to maintain, than traditional wire braces. No one will know you’re wearing them, and you won’t have to change a thing about your lifestyle.

*We’ll Work with Your Dental Insurance Company

Our Bronx Invisalign dental practice specializes in negotiating with insurance companies for cosmetic dentistry procedures, and we’ll make sure that you get the full benefits that you’re entitled to when you choose Invisalign.

Across America, many, many people just like you have trusted Invisalign to straighten their teeth and bring back their smile. Why not join them?

Please know that not every teeth alignment issue can be treated with Invisalign. Call or E-mail our Bronx Invisalign dentist office for a free evaluation to determine if invisible braces are right for you.

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