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Comfort Dental Care, Right Here in the Bronx

Comfort Dental Care is the Painless Dentistry that Eliminates Dental Fear


At Morris Park Dental, we offer Oral Conscious Sedation (also known as “sleep dentistry”) in the Bronx to ensure the ultimate in comfortable dentistry. It works like a dream-and you’ll sleep your way to a dazzling, healthy smile. With our specialized comfort care, you will receive 100% painless dentistry in the Bronx, and all your dental fear will be a thing of the past.

All of our staff—from our dentists to our dental assistants to our hygienists—bring a gentle touch to patient care, making your comfort their main priority. You won’t believe how relaxing, how easy—even fun—your next visit to the dentist can be. By relying on the finest pain and sedation medications, and by creating a relaxing, welcoming office environment, we’ll make it easy for you to laugh your way to a new, beautiful smile.

The Very Best in Painless Dentistry We know that most people dread going to the dentist. And we also know that the only way to help people take care of their teeth is to make it easy for them to actually come to the dentist. That’s why we pull out all the stops when it comes to painless dentistry.

We always offer Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas, as part of our comprehensive program of Painless Dentistry in the Bronx. And if you think you’ll need something a bit stronger to take the edge off, we can also prescribe Valium for our patients with intense fear and anxiety.

As part of our Comfort Dental Care, we make sure that every treatment room is a calm, inviting place. Bring your favorite CDs and DVDs, or choose one from our collection—we provide state of the art entertainment centers in every room. You can slip on the headphones and slip into a more relaxing frame of mind while we painlessly perform your procedure. To completely escape your fear, try giving our Virtual Reality Glasses a test-drive. Use these to immerse the movie of your choice—they provide a genuine 3-D effect, and you’ll completely forget you’re at the dentist.

With our Bronx comfort care dental amenities, and our wide range of Painless Dentistry techniques-you won’t believe how calm, pleasant-even fun-your visit to Morris Park Dental will be. Taking care of your smile has never been easier.

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