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Laser Dental Work Means Quick, Pain-Free and Effective Dentistry
Advanced Laser Dentistry in the Bronx
Your visit to the dentist will be a breeze with painless laser dentistry!

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opusDuoLASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. We see lasers everywhere in today’s world, from our computers to the checkout isle of the grocery store. Dentals lasers are an important part of state-of-the-art dentistry.

Here are some of the quality dental services we provide to patients thanks to the use of lasers in dentistry:

Versatile Opus Duo Dental Laser
Morris Mark Dental uses this multipurpose laser to perform many tooth and soft tissue procedures. The laser is so fast and efficient that there is often no need for local anesthesia.

Drill Free Laser Dentistry The dental laser makes the heat and vibration of the dental drill things of the past, and the procedure is a snap for most patients. There is no need for an injection, and there is no more drilling with the dental laser.

laser1Faster Healing with Dental Laser You will not need sutures after a soft tissue procedure using laser dentistry because healing occurs much faster. Dental lasers keep wounds more sterile and do not damage the surrounding tissue, thus reducing the time it takes to heal.

Dental work performed with dental lasers is faster, safer and more effective than traditional dentistry.

Traditional dentistry is far more invasive than the laser procedures that our dentists specialize in. Many procedures, like teeth bleaching and decay removal, can be completed in minutes, not hours, in a far more comfortable manner. The endless poking, prodding, shifting and positioning that we all associate with a trip to the dentist is often no longer necessary. Laser dentistry is far more precise and efficient. Sometimes, the only equipment that actually touches our patients is a pair of protective goggles!

Bronx dentists use the laser in dentistry, to virtually guarantee a more reliable result with far less discomfort. The area around the affected tooth remains nearly untouched, which means that there is a far smaller area that might feel any pain during the procedure as well as a far smaller area that might experience swelling and soreness after the procedure. By using a laser in dentistry, our dentists can work with pinpoint precision, sometimes eliminating the need for any local anaesthesia.

Consider the Many, Many Benefits of Laser Dentistry in the Bronx:

  • Healing times are faster
  • Reduces bleeding
  • Less swelling
  • Works with all kinds of dental fillings (although it cannot remove old silver amalgam)
  • Effectively assists periodontal therapies
  • Ideal for frenectomy (“tongue-tie release”) with no need for anesthesia
  • Laser gum sculpting improves smiles affected by oversized gingival
  • Allows for minimally invasive biopsies (both exclusional and incisional)
  • Indicated for root canals and apicoectomies
  • Removes oral lesions (like fibromas or pappilomas), usually with only topical anesthesia.
  • Effective treatment for cold sores and minor mouth and gum irritations
  • Perfect for teeth bleaching
  • Ideal for pediatric treatment, as there are no drills and needles to frighten kids

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