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Lasers are becoming increasingly important to dentistry, and at Morris Park Dental, our expert cosmetic dentists are up on all the cutting-edge techniques and applications. The following are just some of the procedures that are performed with pain-free laser technology.

laser1Gingivectomy This procedure involves the removal of gum tissue. Also referred to as a gingivoplasty, this procedure corrects a “gummy smile” in the least invasive way possible, by surgically removing excess gum tissue, but not exposing the bone underneath. After the procedure, the teeth and gums will often be protected by a periodontal dressing as they heal. The patient may be a little sore, but because the gingivectomy is minimally-invasive, there is generally post-op pain.

A gingivectomy will transform your gummy smile into a smile you can be proud of. Our painless laser dentistry will help you to look and feel more confident.

The Flap Surgery The flap surgery is necessary when teeth are overly short, when teeth have been badly worn down, or when the area where the gums meet the teeth is thick and irregular. This procedure entails exposing and removing some of the bone under the gums. The patient usually needs stitches in addition to a periodontal dressing after the surgery. Unlike the gingivectomy, the flap surgery tends to cause some pain and discomfort; therefore, we offer sedation dentistry, meaning you go to sleep and wake up after the procedure has been completed.

The Hypermobile Lip Surgery This procedure, used to improve the appearance of a high lip line, was introduced in the 1970’s but is becoming more popular today with the rise in cosmetic dentistry. Under a local anesthetic, the gum tissue under the lip is reattached at a level that is closer to the teeth. Although the hypermobile lip surgery doesn’t produce perfection every time, it often reduces the excessive upward movement of the lip and many patients are satisfied with the results. Note that this procedure can not be done in some cases.

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