How Dentistry Can Help You Sleep Better

Your health and lifestyle depend on it. The quality of your sleep affects your career, your relationships, and of course, your physical and emotional health.

Any risks to your sleep cycles deserve attention and treatment. Over 18 million people experience Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) making the treatment of sleep disorders a top priority.

Risks to be aware of

Falling asleep is only the beginning of sleep related problems. There’s another risk that’s more serious and potentially life threatening if untreated.

Sleep apnea has to do with your breathing during a sleep cycle. Interruptions to your breathing during sleep disrupts your sleep cycle and increases your potential for health risks.

Your overall health can suffer. Conditions can include high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke, and more.

Is this happening during your sleep?

The goal of sleep is to achieve an uninterrupted, restful zone without risk to your health. Falling asleep and staying asleep restores energy to your mind and body.

A healthy period of sleep should be without interruption. All parts of your body will enter a relaxed condition.

The downside to full relaxation is that your throat can relax to the extent that snoring occurs. The snore reflex is triggered by air passing over your throat muscles as you breathe.

Another issue can be caused by snoring. Your airway can become blocked as your throat muscles relax and prevent healthy breathing.

A choking or gasping response is natural when this occurs. You will often awaken briefly before returning to sleep.

Each brief lapse in breathing is associated with sleep apnea. If this happens many times throughout your sleep cycle you will awaken feeling tired and fatigued.

A dental solution for better (and healthier) sleep

A CPAP device is the common treatment for sleep apnea issues. The treatment can be effective but you might find the necessary equipment that’s used to be impractical and burdensome.

Sleep dentistry provides you a less restrictive solution. A custom-designed oral appliance that’s worn while you sleep can keep your airway open and reduce or eliminate snoring.

Your jaw will also be properly aligned when using the appliance. Airflow will be improved and you’ll breathe more naturally during sleep.

Your appliance is custom-fitted to your bite and is comfortable to wear. More effective breathing when sleeping will reduce your health risks and enable you to experience a more restful sleep.

Insurance coverage could apply to your oral appliance and sleep dentistry treatment. This could be an option for you if you’re unable to tolerate the CPAP device.

Contact our Morris Park and Bronx dentist, Dr. Elena Holtzman, at (718) DR-SMILE (718-377-6453) about your sleep issues and related health concerns. Click here to schedule a dental examination to discuss sleep apnea and how a custom-fitted oral appliance can reduce your health risks, help eliminate snoring, and provide you a more restful sleep.

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