How to Have a Dental Filling (and Not Look Like You Did)

How to Have a Dental Filling (and Not Look Like You Did)

Your teeth are strong and designed to last a lifetime with proper care. That care can involve an occasional restoration including a dental filling.

Tooth decay, tooth damage, and treatment for dental cavities can require your tooth to be filled. When a dental filling is recommended you have options and one of them comes with aesthetic benefits.

Metal no more?

The benefits-of-replacing-old-fillings-and-crowns-in-the Bronx/ Tooth colored dental fillings are a natural-looking alternative to standard, traditional metal fillings. Silver (amalgam) fillings have been used for years but they have noticeable disadvantages.

Amalgam fillings can appear dark the longer they’re in your tooth. They are also known to require more of your tooth structure to be removed when they’re placed.

A perfect match

Tooth colored fillings are a strong and less noticeable dental restoration. Keep in mind that the details of your treatment will determine the best filling material.

Tooth colored filling options can include composite resin and porcelain. Each have a white, natural-looking color and have a particular application depending on the area being treated.

Dental fillings are an important treatment to keep your teeth healthy and functional. Tooth colored fillings give you a less noticeable advantage with improved results.

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