How to Know if You Have Tooth Erosion and What to Do About It


You might not always feel vulnerable. But that doesn’t mean an attack isn’t underway.

Tooth erosion is one of those circumstances. The attack on your teeth occurs daily and pain and sensitivity are the first signs.

You’ll also recognize it if this happening

The appearance of your teeth can reveal much about their overall health and condition. Dental erosion is noticeable on your teeth as wear, cups or hollow areas, and a dark, yellow appearance just beneath the surface of your teeth (below the enamel covering).

Teeth sensitivity increases the more your teeth’s enamel has eroded. Hot and cold beverages and those that have high acidity can trigger it.

The primary cause and how to control it

The acid within your food and beverage choices are the primary cause of tooth erosion. Acidity in your diet softens your protective tooth enamel.

This good news is that saliva is a valuable neutralizer. It restores your mouth’s environment and helps prevent acid from overtaking it.

Although there’s a natural resistance due to saliva, frequent acid attacks on your teeth are damaging. Your teeth can be damaged gradually as small amounts of protective enamel are lost.

Guard your tooth enamel with a some new habits and by making a few dietary adjustments.

  • Enjoy foods and beverages that have high acidity during mealtimes to reduce the frequency of acid exposure.
  • Avoid holding each sip of your beverage in your mouth and swishing it around to reduce the time it remains on your teeth.
  • Chew sugar-free gum following your meals to enhance healthy saliva production that helps neutralize acid in your mouth.
  • Delay teeth brushing for an approximate hour after you eat to allow your tooth enamel to repair and harden.
  • Observe the condition of your teeth and stay current with your dental check-ups to determine if tooth erosion requires treatment such as dental bonding or veneers.

Contact our Morris Park or Bronx dental office about any issues with teeth sensitivity or tooth wear. Schedule an examination to diagnose any tooth erosion.

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