If You’re “On-the-Fence” About Dental Implants This Could Help

If You’re “On-the-Fence” About Dental Implants This Could Help

Sometimes a single, vital piece of information can “tip” you to make a decision. That’s true when deciding to solve your tooth loss with dental implant treatment.

Sure, you have options when you’re missing one tooth or multiple teeth. It’s also important to understand why dental implants are superior to other tooth replacement options.

What are you missing?

Simply put, dental implants have one basic function. They fill the gap where your tooth is missing.

But there’s more to implant placement.

It helps to understand the role an implant plays within your tooth gap. Before you know the function of an implant it’s useful to know why your missing tooth gap is a problem.

Ignoring tooth loss can damage your overall oral health. A single missing tooth can cause your surrounding healthy teeth to shift out of proper alignment leading to other more costly dental treatment.

The erosion or loss of vital bone and gum tissue is another concern. This can make a bone graft necessary whenever you decide to replace your missing tooth or teeth.

Your dental implant relies on the support of healthy bone tissue. A graft fills in what’s lacking and after a healing period allows your dental implant to be placed into adequate, healthy bone tissue.

Though necessary, this requires time that can delay your tooth replacement. Plus you will incur the additional costs of the bone graft procedure.

You have options

Dental implants provide you a secure, healthy tooth replacement solution. An implant forms a new tooth root in your missing tooth gap and overtime will adapt to your bone and gum tissue.

Dentures-vs-dental-implants are a common tooth replacement option. They rely on the surface of your jawbone and gum tissue and with long-term use can cause your tissue to erode further.

A dental bridge is similar. It relies on the support of your adjacent teeth and within a period of time can weaken them.

Your dental implant integrates with your available bone and gum tissue. This prevents the movement associated with dentures and provides a secure new tooth root for supporting the dental crown on the surface.

Dental implants, from top to bottom, are a secure tooth replacement option. The implant is made of titanium, the abutment (post) fits within your implant to hold a natural-looking new tooth on the surface (a dental crown).

Standard implant treatment can require a period of months to complete due to tissue healing and any additional procedures that are necessary such as a bone graft. The result is a solid, stable new tooth that fills your missing tooth gap and restores your tooth function and appearance with a lasting tooth replacement.

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