Sedation Dentistry



Experience 100% Pain-Free Relaxation Dentistry with our Sedation Dentist in the Bronx

If your fear and dread the dentist, then you NEED to give us a call. Don’t let your fear of the dentist harm your dental health-call us to find out about Bronx Sedation Dentistry.

With Sedation Dentistry, You Sleep Through Your Entire Dental Visit!

We administer oral, nitrous oxide or IV pain medications so that your dental procedure is performed while you are fully asleep. Our sedative medications do not come with the risks and aftereffects of general anesthesia, and what’s more, they leave you with absolutely no memory of any dental procedure. What medications we use, and in what dosage, is custom tailored to your health, to the kind of treatment required, and to your level of fear.

Whether you require a simple teeth cleaning or extensive oral surgery, your sleep dentistry treatment in the Bronx goes by like a dream! All work can be completed while you are sound asleep, usually in one convenient session.

Sleep Dentistry in the Bronx Means No “Recovery Period”

After your procedure, you wake relaxed, refreshed and “good to go,” with a dazzling new smile that you’ll think appeared my magic! There’s no recovery period, and, best of all, no memory of the procedure. All you’ll have is a gorgeous new smile.

If you dread the dentist so much that you’re neglecting your dental health, your fear is now a thing of the past. Our Bronx Sedation Dentist will let you sleep through your next dental visit-it’s almost as if you never went to the dentist in the first place.

At Morris Park Dental, we have pain-free dentistry down to a science. Call us and ask for Sedation Dentistry – you’ll sleep through your visit and wake up with a dazzling new smile.

Sleep through your dental treatment & wake up with a smile – CALL (718) DR-SMILE at (718) 377-6453 or click here to request an appointment for a complimentary sedation consultation today!