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Botox® Treatments for TMJ Relief in the Bronx

Botox® treatments for TMJ relief is an easy, non-surgical procedure that involves relaxing head and neck muscles through the injection of Botox. Dr. Wolfson is a Bronx expert in TMJ Botox treatments.

How Our Bronx Dentists Provide TMJ Relief with Botox

In order to determine the proper injection sites, the dentist will ask you to contract the muscles in your face and neck. An ice pack or topical numbing agent may be used on the area; anesthesia may or may not be used for Botox TMJ treatments. The doctor will then administer several tiny Botox® injections into the muscle. It’s as simple as that!

Areas Affected by TMJ Botox Therapy

Botox treatment for TMJ will not impact any part of the body other than the site that is injected with Botox. The injections are mainly in the temporalis, frontalis and masseter (see picture below); however, depending on the severity of the headaches, other areas may be injected with Botox.


Length of the Botox Treatment Procedure

A typical treatment can be completed within 10 to 30 minutes. However, the length of the procedure depends largely on the number of injections necessary.

Will a Hospital Stay be Necessary?

There is no hospital stay required since the Botox treatment procedure is non-surgical. The procedure is done right in the dental office.

Can I Drive Home After the Botox Treatment for TMJ?

Yes. Botox® treatment will not impact your ability to drive.


Is the Botox TMJ Treatment Painful?

There may be some minimal, brief pain when getting the Botox TMJ Treatment injections, similar to that of a bug bite or a prick. An ice pack or anesthetic cream can help to numb the area and reduce any pain and discomfort. Of course if you aren’t a fan of needles, you can ask the doctor for Laughing Gas.

After the Botox TMJ Treatment, What Should I Expect?

Muscle tenderness will begin to fade almost immediately after the Botox TMJ treatment. Around the injection sites there may be some mild bruising, numbness, or redness, but it will be temporary.

Recovery from Botox TMJ Treatment

Recovery is very fast, as Botox treatment is non-surgical and non-invasive. In fact, most patients return to normal activities right away. It will be important to avoid rubbing or massaging the area injected with Botox to keep from spreading the toxin to other muscles. Also, patients should remain upright and limit physical activity for several hours afterwards.

Possible Complications, Risks and Limitations of Botox TMJ Treatments
Complications are rare with this non-surgical treatment. However, as with any medical procedure, there are some possible side effects to the Botox TMJ treatments.

The most commonly reported side-effects of Botox TMJ treatment are headaches, respiratory infection, flu-like symptoms, temporary eye-lid droop and nausea. Less commonly reported effects are pain, redness at spot of injection, and muscle weakness. There may also be bruising at the injection site. These symptoms occur within the first week after Botox treatment.

In addition, there is also the possibility of developing antibodies that would render the Botox TMJ treatments increasingly less effective over time. It is possible to delay this resistance by using the lowest effective dose possible over the longest intervals of time. Botox injection treatments should be avoided during pregnancy and lactation.

If you are still concerned about what to expect after your Botox TMJ treatments, contact us to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Wolfson.

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