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Are you embarrassed by your smile? Are you afraid to show your teeth in photos? You’re not alone! Many celebrities started off with less than perfect smiles, but have transformed their teeth (and their careers!) with Cosmetic Dentistry! At Morris Park Dental, we can help you achieve the Award-Winning smile you deserve and step into the spotlight once more.

Morris Park Dental wants to promote the confidence level of those who are not born with perfect teeth. Most people are not born with perfect teeth. And the wear and tear that we put on our teeth every day can cause them to fall into further states of disrepair! Teeth require so much care and attention because there is no natural way that a bad tooth is going to be repaired itself.

Would you laugh freely if your teeth are yellow, unaligned or long & pointy? People cover their mouths with hands while laughing due to this very reason. Why do we adore the smiles of Hollywood heartthrobs? How would anyone give a flashing big smile on the red carpet if his or her teeth were not utterly perfect? Why are the divas on beauty pageant stages always giving full bright smile no matter whether they win or not? When we answer all these questions, we come to the conclusion that smile is an essential component to enhancing one’s beauty. Without perfect teeth, nobody could smile confidently, and thus, the requirement of beauty is not complete.

The dentists at Morris Park Dental can alter the appearance, size, and shape of your teeth without any invasive surgical methods to give you a Picture Perfect Smile. This is probably why we see so many people opting for cosmetic dentistry. The options of having straight, white and properly sized teeth could be easily achieved with Cosmetic Dentistry. Morris Park Dental offers services like Zoom Teeth Whitening, Invisalign Teeth Straightening, Dental Veneers, Dental Implants, and more. If you want that Oscar winning smile Morris Park Dental has the tools and skills to give you that perfect smile.

Let’s have a look at some cosmetic dentistry procedures and the stars that utilized them to get the Red Carpet smiles we recognize today!

Teeth Whitening

lindsay lohanTeeth whitening is probably the most common type of cosmetic dentistry. Teeth discoloration is very common. Our teeth can become yellow or discolored due to many factors, including age, tobacco or drug use, dental trauma, and even from drinking coffee or red wine! Many famous celebrities undergo teeth whitening treatment regularly because they could not afford to lose their shine. David Beckham, 2015 People Magazine Sexiest Man Alive has transformed his smile with teeth whitening. Photographs exist from his early days where his teeth are not shining white but today, his teeth are sparkling thanks to Teeth Whitening. Amber Rose and Lindsay Lohan are other celebrities who owe their pearly whites to Teeth Whitening! Our office uses Zoom Teeth Whitening technology to get your teeth up to six shades whiter in as little as one hour!

Teeth Straightening with Invisalign Clear Aligners

tom cruise victoria beckham zac efron matthew lewisCrooked teeth are not as aesthetically pleasing as straight teeth. People with splayed teeth often find it hard to talk easily and could also have pain in their jaws due to malocclusion. While traditional metal braces help change the direction of teeth and make your teeth straight and even, there are a lot of downsides: it is harder to clean in between the wires and brackets so the patient’s dental hygiene can suffer, the metal brackets are uncomfortable and sharp in your mouth, and then you have to put up with the ugly metal in your mouth! With Invisalign Clear Aligners, you get the same benefits of traditional metal braces without the negative side effects. These issues could be resolved at any age, and one should always decide to go for correction methods instead of living a less confident life.

Rumor has it that stars like Tom Cruise and Katherine Heigl used to wear Invisalign invisible aligners. Tom Cruise also got teeth whitening and later opted for dental veneers. Similarly, Zac Efron had front teeth with a gap and he is said to have taken help with orthodontics or removable braces or aligners. Matthew Lewis from Harry Potter  used orthodontics to straighten his teeth as well. These techniques work wonders and is most opted for badly aligned teeth. Just like David, Victoria Beckham, a beautiful name today, was born with bad teeth. She had to make sure that her teeth are perfect once she became famous. For this purpose, she had to use methods to fill the gaps between her teeth and also to align them.

I bet you didn’t even know they had orthodontic work done! That’s because they used Invisalign clear aligners, to straighten their teeth without looking metal braces! This dental correction method is used to align teeth in approximately one to two years and has the added benefit that you don’t need unsightly metal brackets.

Dental Veneers

miley cyrus hilary duff george clooney morgan freemanIf we compare smiles of Miley Cyrus from her Hannah Montana days, she has improved the shape and color of her teeth by using dental veneers. She became a celebrity at such young age and with her previous smile, she would have always looked like a schoolgirl. Now she has a grown up smile worthy of the red carpet. Kristin Dunst is another a beauty born with small teeth, which made her look younger and less mature. After dental veneers, she finally looked ready for more mature leading lady roles, and her career benefited from the transformation!

Rumor also has it that Hilary Duff chipped her tooth on a microphone and opted to get veneers on all her teeth rather than try to color match one tooth.

Jessica Alba’s teeth required veneers & contouring to make them look even and sharper. She also improved the color of her teeth after reshaping them. Natalie Portman needed some contouring for her teeth. She has a big set of teeth that is entirely visible when she laughs. Without proper color and contour treatments, her teeth would have never looked the same.

Stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones, Hilary Duff, Morgan Freeman, and George Clooney, had to make the appearance of their teeth look more regular by choosing veneers. Veneers help with discolored, broken/chipped, irregular or gapped teeth.

Bonding or Crowns

jim carreyJim Carrey fixed his chipped tooth years ago, but he removed the crown for his role in “Dumb and Dumber.” Chipped teeth can be easily repaired with dental bonding. However, if the tooth is severely broken or decayed you may need a Dental Crown.

Dental Implants

ed helmsWe should never take our teeth for granted. Sometimes, due to any accident, we could lose any of our teeth. This is especially true for sports stars, where high impact injuries can cause them to lose a tooth on the job. Some people are born with teeth that deteriorate very easily, and may be impossible to restore if not treated in time. In cases of missing or non-restorable, dental implants are a great option and are the closest thing to a real tooth you can get.

One celebrity with dental implants is actor Ed Helms who appeared toothless in his movie “Hangover.” Ed, like 5% of the population, was born missing a single tooth due to a birth defect (known as a congenitally missing tooth). He opted for a dental implant to replace the missing tooth, but removed the crown for his role in the Hangover movie.

nicholas cageNicholas Cage had to go for dental implants because he had to remove two of his front teeth for a movie character in “Birdy.” He was planning to get those baby teeth removed anyway, for aesthetic reasons, but went through the procedure without anesthesia to better understand the character, a wounded Vietnam War veteran. The new version of Nicholas Cage has a perfect smile and flashing straight teeth.

Contact Morris Park Dental for a Hollywood Smile today!

If you are also concerned about the appearance, size or structure of your teeth, then call us today at (718) DR.SMILE (718-377-6453) or request a Cosmetic Dentistry Consultation online. We will help you feel complete again with an Oscar-worthy smile.

1021671_smileAre You Done Using Cheap Teeth Whitening Products?

There are too many teeth whitening products on the market right now, many of which don’t provide high quality results. Bronx teeth whitening is a great alternative to the gimmicky products, long trial and error type experiments, and ineffective measures taken by many residents.

Professional teeth whitening standards have increased due to technology, with the cost of such procedures decreasing simultaneously.  A lot of the do it yourself products may provide some positive results, but there quite question marks surrounding such products.

There are many negatives to using products, including:

  • Serious everyday commitment by the user.
  • Everyday users of these teeth whitening products must wear a certain whitening strip across their teeth or use some application.
  • Usage may last for up to 30 days, with results not guaranteed. Secondly,
  • The results simply do not last as compared to Bronx teeth whitening dentistry’s can offer.
  • Lastly, sensitivity is a huge concern for many people; most products do not take this into consideration.

Professional Teeth Whitening: New York Special Zoom Services

If you are in need of professional teeth whitening services, you may want to consider Zoom Teeth Whitening Technology.  Many things in your daily lifestyle can attribute to stained teeth including: drinking coffee, tea, cola, red wine, and also smoking.  Cheap in store products will not be able to achieve the whiteness that this professional technology provides.

The best part of getting professional teeth whitening in New York with such technology is that it is extremely efficient. You only need to put aside 1 hour of your day to get this simple, painless procedure done. Simply find a local dentistry that offers Zoom Teeth Whitening and schedule an appointment for your lunch break. It definitely is a better alternative to the 30 day products that are no longer the norm.

Bronx teeth whitening appointments can be made by contacting 212 Smiling at 212-764-5464 or schedule an appointment online.

teeth-whitening-bronx-150x150Before you start looking for professional teeth whitening in the Bronx, you should first determine the causes of your yellow teeth. This ensures that your Bronx dentist uses the correct teeth whitening procedure, and that your teeth continue to sparkle for as long into the future as possible.

Most teeth tend to absorb regularly consumed substances like coffee, wine, or cigarette smoke because they are porous. If you know you have any of the major causes of yellow teeth below, consider looking for teeth whitening in Bronx treatments.

7 Reasons You Need Teeth Whitening in the Bronx Continue reading What Causes Yellow Teeth? Get Help with Teeth Whitening in the Bronx