Halloween Candy Buy Back and Holiday Hygiene Tips

Happy Halloween, from all of us at Morris Park Dental! As in past years, we are partnering with an organization that lets children donate their excess halloween candy to help support our troops, and support healthy smiles!

Morris Park Halloween Candy Buy Back Program

Bring your child in between on November 9th between 1-3 pm for our Halloween Candy Buy Back Event and we will buy back their Halloween candy. For every pound of candy donated, they will receive $1 in return (5 lb maximum, candy must be unopened), and spin a wheel for a chance to win a prize!

Please also stop by our office this Halloween for trick or treating– we will be giving out smiles as well as sugar-free treats!

To keep cavities at bay from Halloween and beyond, make these diet and hygiene updates to your child’s routine:

  • Make sure your child brushes and flosses, especially after rich sweets. Remember that younger children require supervision and assistance to ensure that they are cleaning their teeth properly
  • Encourage additional water intake after snacking to help rebalance oral PH and minimize bacteria growth. Drinking sodas or juice through a straw can also minimize acid exposure to teeth.
  • Limit snacking to allow your child’s saliva to neutralize acid and work on restoring enamel
  • Offer healthy fruits to help satisfy your child’s sweet tooth

If a cavity does emerge despite your best efforts to prevent it, call us at 718-377-6453 to have it filled as soon as possible. For more information on all the pediatric dental services we provide, visit https://www.morrisparkdental.com/pediatric-dentistry/