Mother’s Day Bronx Teeth Whitening Special – Mothers get a free take home teeth whitening kit!

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Happy Mother’s Day from Morris Park Dental – The most Mom-friendly dentist office in the Bronx. Sunday (May 10, 2015) was the day to celebrate and honor mom. And what a better way to celebrate mom than with a gift of her lifetime. A gift of a whiter brighter smile. Call 718-377-6453 today to request an appointment or click here to request an appointment online.

Come in during the month of May for a very special Bronx teeth whitening deal; all mothers get to take home a free teeth whitening kit of your own. Instructions are included and it is very easy to follow and takes little to no time at all to complete. The hardest part seems to be waiting to see the gorgeous and bright results. Below are just a few of the advantages that come from the process of getting your teeth bleached and whitened.

What exactly is teeth whitening?

Smiling Happy familyWhitening your teeth is also known as dental bleaching and it is a procedure that is rather common in which is done in the art of general dentistry and includes the whitening of ones teeth. The FDA says that whitening your teeth helps to restore the natural color of the tooth and bleaching the teeth whitens them more so than what their natural color is. It not only stops and prevents the discoloration of the teeth but it also stops and prevents stains; this procedure only lasts for so long and then needs to be done again. It just so happens to be one of the most popular procedures in the cosmetic dentistry field.

Some Advantages of Teeth Whitening:

  • Having a smile that is whiter helps to lessen the appearance of wrinkles on the face.
  • Whitening your teeth is very affordable – with so many options and methods out there it has grown to become the fastest and most popular trend for changing, updating and improving one’s’ appearance instead of wasting a ton of money on a whole new wardrobe.
  • It improves how you look in a very dramatic and flattering manner – a beautiful smile is one that is not only easier to kiss but also better to focus on when talking with someone.
  • You will gain a lot of self-confidence – Looking good is the main reason behind whether or not people have self-confidence and if they have any how much of it that they have; when you look your best you will feel your best and therefor will have a lot of self-confidence. Having white teeth helps boost one’s’ confidence because of how attractive it can make you look.
  • A white smile will lead to more positive changes – Believe it or not having a whiter smile will lead you to making other good and healthy choices such as eating healthier and living healthier like being more active because a white smile is a sign of someone who is healthy and active and youthful.
  • Best of all there are no harmful side effects to getting your teeth whitened; wanting or needing to get your teeth whitened is not a sign of something wrong such as a disorder it is just some maintenance that needs to be done due to mainly staining from things like caffeine and or tobacco.

Four basic and important facts about the process of teeth whitening that you should know:

Our teeth are white because they are supposed to stay white and hence are often called our pearly whites; having a smile that is white and bright is commonly known as being a lot more attractive than one that has teeth in which is stained. A professional tooth whitening treatment is something most of the population goes and gets done on a regular basis to make their teeth white again. However there are also some treatments you can do at home on your own. Either way you should know the few facts that are listed below about nyc teeth whitening:

  1. Cleaning your teeth and whitening your teeth is not the same thing; Having your teeth whitened is putting through a chemical process – There are some stains that make your teeth look dirty and yellow that are not hard to get off, these can be removed with s simple teeth cleaning whereas the harder and more stubborn stains such as from caffeine or coffee with need a teeth whitening treatment eventually. You should get your teeth professionally cleaned by your dentist at least once a year to help maintain proper dental hygiene. The process of tooth whitening is done by using a variety of compounds from the peroxide family; two of which are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide. These two and other ingredients combined are used and once it makes contact with the teeth it gets activated and begins to use what is known as free radical oxygen to bust through the layers on your teeth and oxidize the color of them by making all of the pigments of the teeth whiter and whiter. The best way to get your teeth whitened is through a dentist however there are some treatments you can do at home as well.
  2. The process of teeth whitening can either be really fast or really slow; it also does not last forever – You can get your teeth whiter either in a little bit amount of time such as an hour and a half or so and less or in a lot amount of time such as a few hours or more. The time is based on the treatment you are going to use and whether or not it is one you do at home or if you are going to the dentist to get it done. With that being said a professional treatment gets a lot more done with just one treatment; at home teeth whitening kits may need to be used several times to get the desired shade of whiteness wanted. At home teeth whitening kits need to be done every few weeks or so to maintain a healthy looking white smile whereas a professional whitening treatment can last a minimum of one year to a maximum of three years based on how well you take care of your teeth and if you go in to get touch ups or not. A professional teeth whitening treatment is the best route to go but now even that will not last forever, you will need to get it done again in about a few years give or take.
  3. You need to perform maintenance on your whitened teeth; other than some touch-ups there are no side effects – Getting your teeth whitened is pretty much the same thing as getting your teeth bleached, this is how they become so white. Once you have your teeth bleached in order to keep your teeth as white as possible for as long as possible there are several things you need to do. For starters drink and or eat less of what can stain your teeth in the first place such as soda, tea, wine, coffee and more. You need to also stop yourself from doing bad habits such as using tobacco or smoking. And most importantly create an oral hygiene routine and stick to it; brush well, floss and rinse with some mouthwash in both the morning and at night. Professionally speaking, after a teeth whitening treatment your teeth may be a bit sensitive for a few days or your gums can experience some slight irritation, if this happens it is more than likely due to some of the bleaching ingredients seeping into the gums. With at home teeth whitening kits there should be no side effects at all except for maybe some sensitivity for a little bit or a nasty taste in your mouth.
  4. Getting teeth whitened professionally is not meant for everyone; discoloration does not mean they need to get professionally whitened – Having your teeth whitened by a professional is also seen as a procedure so in this case getting it done is not exactly for everyone. You should not get your teeth professionally whitened if you are a child or still of an adolescent age range. If you are lactating or pregnant you should not get it done either as well as if you have any cavities in your teeth, if you have any roots of the teeth exposed, if you have dental work that is not finished, if you have gum disease or if you experience hypersensitivity. Other reasons include if you are allergic to any of the peroxides or ingredients used in the process as well as if you have any crowns, veneers, fillings or restorations done to the teeth in the front. Some stains are basic and will come away with some simple brushing and proper cleaning; heavier stains need the treatment because the stain goes deep and is not just on the surface. There are some situations where people have teeth with tissues that are messed up in which causes the enamel to be messed up, a cause from too much fluoride when a child. Or there is an antibiotic that is given to children in which is known as tetracycline and with a lot of use it can actually make the teeth appear grey in color and whitening will not help this. For this you will need veneers and should be discussed with a dentist anyways.

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