A Relaxing Holiday Season with Relaxation Sedation Dentistry

Here at Morris Park Dental, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a relaxing approach to dental care for the New Year. This might sound like a paradox, the idea of dental treatment being relaxing, but with our relaxation and sedation dentistry techniques, it is exactly what you can expect when you book an appointment with us in the New Year.

After all the excitement of the festive season has settled and you’ve consumed your fair share of bubbly drinks and tasty treats, you will be keen to give yourself a post-holiday present with a trip to the dentist. Whether you need a thorough professional dental cleaning or regular six-month check-up, the New Year is the perfect time to get your teeth in tip top shape. And with our advanced relaxation and sedation dentistry, all the anxiety associated with the dentist can disappear for good.

How does Relaxation Sedation Dentistry work?

dental phobiaAn understandable question you may be pondering is how does relaxation sedation dentistry work? With sedation dentistry, you are essentially given the chance to doze off into a comfortable nap and wake with no memory of the dental treatment. The sedation medications can be administered to the patient through an oral sedative (non-IV conscious sedation) or nitrous oxide (laughing gas), and both options start to work almost immediately.

What are the benefits of this treatment?

The most obvious benefit of relaxation and sedation dentistry is that the anxiety often felt at the dentist’s office is cast aside. There is also no residual trauma after the treatment has taken place because when you wake up, you won’t actually remember anything, unlike the risks associated with general anesthesia.

There is also no recovery period after sedation dentistry. You basically wake up fresh as a daisy and are ready to show off your smile with total confidence. The actual dental treatment doesn’t change while you are sleeping – the dentist still uses all the same procedures and instruments, but the great part of this is that you will be sleeping while it’s all happening. This means that you get the benefit of top quality dentistry but a pain-free experience.

If this sounds like the type of dental experience you are looking for, one where you wake from a blissful sleep with a beautiful smile, then get in touch with us today. If you have avoided going to the dentist and neglected your teeth due to fear and anxiety of the discomfort of being in the dental room, then this is the chance you are looking for to conquer the dentist once and for all. There are no tricks or gimmicks with relaxation and sedation dentistry – you really do just get a genuine, pain-free dental experience.

This is the best gift you can give yourself during the holiday season and keep that gorgeous festive smile going well into the New Year. This is the year to change the way you go to the dentist and it will certainly be a change for the better.

Call us today at (718) DR-SMILE (718-377-6453) or click here to request an appointment for a complimentary consultation to learn more about whether Relaxation Sedation Dentistry is the right choice for you!