One Day Dental Crowns And The Super Bowl

One-Day Super Bowl Crowns

Broncos won the super bowl crown; you can get a crown of your own! At Morris Park Dental you can get a crown of your very own in one day. The Super Bowl this past Sunday demonstrates a triumph that many fans enjoyed. The fiftieth Super Bowl was full of glamor and athletic power of the players and the fantastic musicians brought the big game to life. Now you can do the same. If you are in need of a crown, there is no need to wait. A one-day crown is yours for the taking.

What is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown is a cap that is shaped and positioned over a tooth. The cap is cemented over the tooth that is visible above the gum line. The crown is the color of the tooth so no one will notice. The cap is secure and protects the tooth. Get the coverage you need using the amazing technology of CAD/CAM technology. All you have to do as the patient is show up; the dentists and technology do the rest. This means no more lengthy appointment and frequent visits that wastes time. The process is easy, quick, and the rest of the day is yours to spend, as you like.

When A Crown Is Needed

A person needs a dental crown when teeth need strengthening. Sometimes this is from cavities, soft teeth, or weak gums. Crowns are often used for cosmetic issues and for teeth that suffered decay and need strengthening. Also, crowns help when teeth are weak and broken. A crown can help cosmetically too. Crowns can cover implants, dental bridges. They even can cover stained and discolored teeth. Most people need help with his or her teeth. Rarely is anyone born with perfect teeth. Why should the process be hard and long? Come to Morris Park Dental and get your crown in one-day. You can walk out feeling and looking amazing using our CAD/CAM technology with from our 4ED machine. Use this to help fill a cavity, hide a chip, or cover discolored teeth. Whatever your need is, talk to the staff and we got you covered. The procedure is easy and fast.

Types of Dental Crowns

The new technology uses ceramic and is a very comfortable and desirable look. Other types of crowns exist, like porcelain fused to high noble metal, gold, and more. Listed are the other options of crowns. You name your desires and needs, we can make your mouth shine, look amazing, and make cavities disappear.

a. Metal – Crowns are also known as base-metal alloy. The metal crowns can come in a gold alloy, palladium, chromium, nickel, or other types of alloy. When using metal crowns, less tooth structure is in need to remove when installing metal crowns. The tooth wear is minimal. Chewing and biting into foods is not a problem when using metal crowns. Metal crowns last long and are strong. The metal crowns seldom break or chip. Many times metal crowns are chosen for molars.
b. Stainless Steel – Crowns that are used on permanent teeth are sometimes temporary, and stainless steel is the perfect type of crown for these kinds of fixes. Stainless steel is also a good choice to use on children’s teeth. For instance, the crown is used to protect the initial tooth, and another one is made to fit the tooth. The crown is used to protect the tooth while another material is used for the filling. The crown covers the whole tooth and guards it against additional decay. Then when the main tooth falls out for the adult tooth, the crown comes out easily with the baby tooth. Stainless steel works great with children because the crown does not require many dental visits to maintain, which at Morris Park Dental the job is done in one day using the best technology,
c. Porcelain or All-ceramic – This type of crown gives a natural look because of the natural color. Many people with allergies opt for porcelain or all-ceramic crowns. The downside of this sort of crown is that porcelain is not as strong as then other options and may wear down. You can speak to your Dentist to see if this is the best choice.
d. Porcelain Fused with Metal – have a natural color look to them and are often used on back teeth or front. Only the metal underneath sometimes shows a little. On the other hand porcelain type crowns are not resistant to chipping. Choosing the best material for each patient is essential when placing a crown. Choosing the best strategy like the teams chose plays at the super bowl is important before launching the ball and reaching for the end zone.
e. Milled or Zirconia –are digitally created using hardware or software and are made either in a lab or the dental office. The types of crown don’t need impression., which is a comfort bonus for the patient.
f. All-resin – A patient may choose an all-resin crown to save money. This type of crown can wear faster, so the patient needs to plan for future crowns to replace the worn out crown, but crowns in need quick, like a quick run for the end zone, may choose this type of crown for a quick and immediate fix.
g. Permanent or Temporary Crown – You may question on whether to get a permanent or temporary crown. In general, a temporary crown is made in the dental office while permanent crowns are sent to a lab and made. The materials vary too. Temporary crowns are often made of stainless steel or acrylic, and permanent crowns are often made of other materials constructed in a lab. At Morris Park Dental this choose is easy because we do crown in one day with the use of fantastic technology. Why wait to reach the end zone receive your crown today at Morris Park Dental.

Selecting Dental Crowns

Selecting the best type of crown for you is made easy with the help of the Dentists and staff at Morris Park Dental. Out one-day options make scoring those six points plus the extra kick a breeze. You’ll walk out feeling fantastic and your teeth beautiful.

CAD/CAM Technology

The innovative technology of CAD/CAM makes getting and dental crown easy and fast. The computer aids in helping manufacture a new crown for your tooth in less than a day. Just like the coverage the Bronco teammates provided for one another during the Super Bowl, we at Morris Park Dental have you covered. You come in for your visit and leave refreshed and your tooth covered. The computer-aided design and manufactures the crowns while you wait. The type of crown that is made using technology is ceramic, which as stated prior is comfortable, natural looking, and fantastic for people with allergies. After the crown is made the dentist glues on the crown. You are done by the end of your appointment which may last as little as an hour.

One-Day Crowns

That’s right! You can have a dental crown by the end of your appointment. How is this done? The procedure begins by numbing the area. Then the dentist drills the tooth to shape and fit a crown. Next the dentist uses a small camera to make a three-dimensional picture of the drilled tooth. This is used instead of the old-school messy clay impressions. An image is generated on the computer screen to show what the crown will look like. A machine then makes the crown from the dimensions given from the computer. This takes about fifteen minutes for the computer to mold the ceramic crown and the dentist can glue the crown onto the tooth immediately after.

E4D Machine

The new technology uses E4D machine that is similar to a Cerec and bridges that are sent out to the lab for perfection. Make your big play and schedule an appointment to get your tooth covered today. If the Broncos can win the Super Bowl with the coverage of their teammates, then you can win your very own crown with the coverage of this amazing technology through Morris Park Dental.

Dental Crowns and the Super Bowl

Get the coverage you need and feel the win of your crown just like the Broncos won the crown this past Super Bowl 50. One-day crowns mean no more uncomfortable molds in your mouth and waiting for the mold to dry, and then waiting fro the crown while it is made, end then installing the crown on the tooth. This saves days and even weeks of work and waiting!

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