Worker’s Compensation and No-Fault Claims in the Bronx

Morris Park Dental of the Bronx is one of the few offices accepting patients with Worker’s Compensation and New York State Automobile No-Fault Claims. Our team of specialists is here to provide you with the very best of treatment in the repair and treatment of traumatic injuries to the teeth, temperomandibular joint (TMJ) and supporting oral structures.

When physical trauma is severe, bodily injuries are often treated and reported based upon their severity. That means that injuries to the teeth and jaw or damage to existing restorations are often initially overlooked. To make matters worse, nerve damage to teeth following blunt force trauma to the face may take weeks or even months to manifest symptoms. It is often days or weeks before oral injuries are noticed or reported. By that time it is almost impossible to convince even the larger liability carriers that the required dental treatment is accident-related.

While the miracle of the airbag has reduced highway fatalities by more than half, it has also resulted in the increase in facial, oral and jaw joint injuries caused by their explosive deployment.

Here is a simple checklist that will help guarantee that you receive the care you require and the coverage to which you are rightfully entitled:

  • If the airbag deployed, always report possible traumatic tooth or jaw injury
  • If any teeth are loose, request a dental consultation in the hospital
  • Make sure the hospital record is complete and all injuries are documented, even minor ones
  • If the injured party wears any dental removable prosthetic, like a denture or bridge, make sure it is located as soon as possible or reported missing immediately
  • Make sure the injured party has legal representation
  • Have the patient’s attorney file an initial NF-2 listing all areas of the body possibly affected
  • As soon as the patient is awake and aware, have him or her check all bridgework, teeth, gums for any signs of soreness and report it to the Hospital, ER or Paramedics
  • And finally, request a referral to visit a dentist for a thorough examination and x-rays as soon as physically possible