Dental Implants vs. Dentures in the Bronx

elderly-coupleWhen having to consider whether or not to get dentures or dental implants in the Bronx, the first question most people ask is, “Which one is better?” The truth is both offer great dental integrity and both have their unique benefits. Both offer excellent alternatives to having to live life without a full set of teeth, and both produce the best and most natural looking teeth. Call our Bronx dentist office today at (718) DR.SMILE (718-377-6453)  or request an appointment online.

One Day Dentures & Denture Repairs

full-denture-150x150One of the best things about dentures is that they can be completed in as little as one day! Our denture specialists in the Bronx can have a set ready within the same day. If a person shows up early in the morning to our Bronx dental office, they can have a set ready by that afternoon, all in one day! Replacement dentures and denture repairs are also easy to obtain, and can be completed in as little as one day! If one or more of the false teeth in the set of dentures falls out, all a person has to do is swing by our conveniently located Morris Park dentists office and drop them off. After a quick, easy fix, the dentures are as good as new!

Partial Dentures

partial-denture2-150x150Along with the convenience of getting dentures easily, there is a difference in what kind of dentures a person can get based on their need. For example, if a person only needs dentures for a few teeth, dentists can make what’s called a partial denture. A partial denture has the base, or plate, of a regular set of dentures, but only has the necessary number of teeth inserted into it. Partials can also come in several different patterns with different size teeth, in order to match the wearers teeth size and tooth organization.

Denture Epoxies and Adhesive

Dentures are also easy to keep in place or remove. In order to place the denture in the mouth, one must simply put the denture in their mouth, because it has already been sized and fitted to the wearer’s mouth, through the use of a mold. To keep the dentures in place, the wearer only needs to apply an epoxy or adhesive strip. Different denture wearers prefer different means of keeping their dentures in place, but both epoxies and adhesive strips work very effectively to keep the denture wearer comfortable throughout the day. Also, many of the epoxies and adhesive strips are designed to wear off after a certain number of hours, as to make it very easy to remove at the end of the day.

Denture Maintenance

Dentures aren’t just easy to remove, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Unlike real teeth that require brushing, flossing, and constant maintenance, dentures require very little maintenance to keep fresh and clean. One need only take their dentures off at the end of the night and place them in a cup of water with a cleaning agent in it. Not all cleaning agents work, but many companies make denture specific cleaning agent. Similar to an alka seltzer, one only needs to drop the tablet into the cup of water and it will dissolve and clean the dentures. Many dentists don’t recommend brushing the dentures, because it will wear away the material used to make the teeth, which goes to show another reason why dentures are so easy to clean and maintain.

Denture Costs

Many people who need to purchase dentures in the Bronx are on a fixed income, so buying expensive dentures is almost out of the question. Thankfully though, many sets of dentures are inexpensive. Morris Park Dental Associates offers dental payment plans and works with insurance companies to provide the best possible dental care to their patients. Also, there are many different types of dentures, all at different costs. Though in general dentures are cheap enough for people to buy, they are also of good enough quality that one pair will last for a very long time.

Dental Implants

The other alternative to getting dentures is getting surgical dental implants. Surgical dental implants involves putting studs into the jawbone that protrude out, so that either a ball or a bar can be placed on top to provide a more secure denture within the mouth. Most dentists preform this procedure on the bottom jaw; it can also be done on the upper jaw if necessary. The recovery time for these operations is not long and a temporary pair of dentures will be provided in the mean time.


The greatest thing about surgical dental implants is that they last forever. After the surgery is performed, the newly fitted teeth can be snapped into place, providing the most secure alternative to natural teeth. They will neither slide around in the mouth, nor will they come out while eating food. They will stay in place without the need for epoxy or adhesives.

Another great thing about surgical dental implants are that they are just as easy to clean as dentures. They can snap them in and out of their studs, allowing for easy access and being easily placed in and removed. Just like dentures, implants can be cleaned in the exact same fashion, but placing them in a glass of water with a cleaning agent. A person can also brush them like regular teeth, if it is uncomfortable to remove them on a regular basis. Also, anyone can sleep with them in without having to remove them to go to sleep.

partsofimplantDental implants have the added bonus of promoting jawbone integrity because if a person doesn’t have something pressing on or into the jawbone, it will deteriorate over time. This is easily fixed by planting the studs into the jawbone so that they can keep the jawbone from deteriorating. The studs placed into the jawbone will give anyone the added benefit of a strong, healthy jaw.

Together, either dentures or dental implants provide the optimal solution to having a full set of teeth. Whether the comfortable fit of dentures seems like the best option, or the security of having dental implants, you really can’t lose. Dentures are easy to clean, maintain, get a hold of, and if one needs only a partial, dentures would prove the ideal fit. If a person wants the added security and stability of implants, and a permanent solution that looks and feels like real teeth, they would be an excellent candidate for dental implants. Either way, it’s a win-win!

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