Get a Beautiful Smile With Bronx Invisalign

Why Bronx Invisalign is a Better Choice Over Regular Braces

Morris Park Dental’s Brooklyn cosmetic dentist can improve your smile with Invisalign clear braces. Invisalign has many advantages over traditional metal braces. With Invisalign you get:

  • Flexibility – You can remove the device whenever you want so you can eat, brush your teeth, and floss normally. You can even remove your Invisalign device if you are having your photograph taken.
  • Comfort – Invisalign does not cause the gum or mouth irritation sometimes found with metal braces.
  • More time – You will need fewer office visits compared to the number of visits required for metal braces.
  • More normal appearance – the clear device offers almost invisible teeth straightening.
  • Better dental hygiene – Since you can remove the device, you can brush and floss normally rather than having to work around metal braces and possibly miss certain parts of your teeth.
  • Comparable cost – The cost for Invisalign is about the same as the cost for traditional braces.

The Invisalign treatment process is simple and straightforward. Your NYC dentist will take x-rays and make impressions of your teeth to create your custom Invisalign aligners. At each appointment, you will receive the next set of aligners and you will be able to see the progress as your teeth become straighter. Most adults complete the process in about a year and the treatment time for teens is about the same as with traditional metal braces.

Contact Morris Park Dental in the Bronx for more information about getting a beautiful smile with the comfort and convenience of Invisalign.