White Teeth Lead To Kissable Lips This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is here!

valentines $50 offIs your smile kissable? At Morris Park Dental we can help your smooch become irresistible. Having white teeth has many benefits. Obtaining and maintaining white teeth is a breeze. Learn how to get white teeth and wow your lover this Valentine’s Day. Nothing is better than a bright, sexy smile. Call Morris Park Dental today at (718) DR-SMILE (718-377-6453) for the best teeth whitening in town!

The Benefits of White Teeth

Zoom Professional Teeth Whitening is safe. In fact, millions of patient’s have had professional tooth whitening done with absolute success. Smiling will become a part of your look and smiling leads to happiness. After viewing your smile, others will smile too. A beautiful white smile is the key to happiness for you and spreads to others you encounter in the world. Spread the joy and love with a beautiful white smile. Become cupid this Valentine’s Day and spread the love from beaming those pearly whites.

White Teeth Gives Confidence

Teeth whitening can you confidence. That beautiful smile can help you feel appealing. If you already don’t have a Valentine’s having a bright white smile may give you the confidence to ask out and attract a Valentine’s mate.

White Teeth are Attractive

Teeth-Whitening before and afterA white smile is attractive. A bright, clean smile is very appealing. People are attracted to others that take care of themselves and their teeth. Also, clean white teeth give you the confidence to smile. Smiles are appealing especially with beautiful white teeth behind that happy grin.

Most people believe that healthy teeth are an important trait in a person. Make sure your teeth are healthy and clean by maintaining dental appointments twice a year. Ensure you brush and floss daily and ensure any defects like broken, chipped or crooked teeth are fixed by your dentist.

Also, make sure breath is fresh. The best way of keeping fresh breath is brushing after meals to remove any food from teeth. Correspondingly, mouthwash can help leave a fresh smell that will help white teeth stay kissable. Your Valentines date will not resist kissing those lips after viewing your beautiful smile.

White Teeth are Healthy

White teeth are healthy. Cleaning teeth regularly and maintaining a smile ensures that teeth and gums are continuously maintained. Healthy teeth and gums lead to overall health. Poor gums and teeth can lead to heart and other health risks; therefore, maintain a beautiful, healthy smile is healthy and appealing to others.

Steps to Obtain a Bright White Smile

Acquiring that bright white smile is easy. After learning how to receive gorgeous white teeth, learning how to keep that smile is easy. You will never want to give up that grin.

Professional Cleaning

A professional cleaning is the first step to that beautiful smile. A fantastic benefit of using Morris Park Dental services is that we offer in-office and at-home systems to receive white teeth. The white teeth solutions are by Phillip Zoom, who has put a lot of time and study in making your teeth gleam. Both in-office and at-home versions of teeth Whitening are aimed to diminish risks for teeth sensitivity and gives custom results. Have your smile the shade of white you desire using these systems from Morris Park Dental.

In-Office Whitening Method

zoomWhen receiving a Whitening treatment in the dental office, a special Whitening gel is used. This gel is used with activating light that helps remove the toughest stains on teeth. To move lips out of the way a special guard helps ensures the gel and light can reach every surface of each tooth. When the gel is completely applied light is directly exposed on the teeth for fifteen-minutes. After the fifteen-minutes are complete and the procedure did the mouth guard, and the gel is removed. Your smile will show brighter with the first visit and after a series of treatments, you will sparkle and gleam form the bright white results.

At-Home Whitening Method

The at-home teeth whitening method is another fantastic way to receive that loving smile. The teeth whitening kit provided for taking home has a robust Teeth Whitening system. The system can provide eight shades of white. The at-home version can also be used in addition to in-office treatments for touch-ups.

Professional Whitening Versus Drug-Store Whitening System

I know you are asking, why should I use professional Whitening systems when I can pick up a kit at the drug store? Here are three reasons why using a professional whitening system from Morris Park Dental is better than a kit from a drug store.

  1. Better Results – A professional teeth Whitening system is made to receive better results then the over the counter kits. The material and products are made to achieve better results because they are stronger. The stronger material is designed for professional use.


  1. An Even Shine – The professional teeth Whitening system is made for consistent and even results. The professional version makes sure that ever surface is the same shade of white. You will never have blotching of different shades and uneven results from a professional teeth Whitening.


  1. When using an over the counter kit, you are not protected. The professional teeth Whitening ensures teeth do not crack. Also, any issues like decay before Whitening is addressed before Whitening. Whitening before addressing issues like decay can cause problems.


Why to Book a Teeth Whitening Session

The Zoom Teeth Whitening system is effective and helps maintain clean, healthy teeth. Besides the cosmetic reasons for having a beautiful smile, teeth whitening keeps your teeth and gums healthy and clean. After a dental teeth whitening in the office, people walk out feeling healthy and beautiful. You walk out the same-day after the first session feeling beautiful. The results are immediately noticeable. Plus, professional cleaning systems like the Zoom system ensures teeth are evenly toned, and all health precautions are taken.

People go to salons to get their haircut and styled, get manicures and pedicures to maintain strong and healthy nails, and book massages to keep muscles relaxed. Booking a teeth style and grooming helps maintain a healthy and beautiful person. Pamper yourself and give your teeth and smile that gleam it deserves. Wow, your Valentines with a beautiful and healthy you. Your mate will not resist those beautiful white teeth, so prepare those lips for plenty of kisses this Valentine’s Day.

Tips to Keep Teeth White

Between Whitening treatments maintaining clean and healthy teeth is important. First remember to keep regular professional cleanings twice a year. Next remember to brush your teeth several times a day and floss. Flossing is especially important to remove any food particles, and tartar builds-up from teeth that brushing cannot reach that can cause decay if left on teeth. Flossing also helps gums stay healthy. Food particles can also discolor teeth. So removing remaining substances from teeth that my cause decay and discoloring can help maintain that sparking smile.

Foods That Help White Teeth

Yes, certain foods can help maintain white teeth. Foods like apples, carrots, and celery, can naturally remove stains from teeth because these foods increase saliva and help wash away food remains. Strawberries are excellent to eat on Valentine’s. Raw strawberries have malic acids that naturally whiten teeth and eliminate blemishes from teeth. Dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and milk have calcium that helps make teeth strong. Finally, remember to drink lots of water. Water is healthy for your overall body and can wash away causes of stains that can occur from coffees, teas, and red wines. Stay away from food causing products like red wine, coffee, and teas. If you do consume them remember to drink plenty of water and brush your teeth.

Other Teeth Whitening Tips

alcohol.dental.implantsOther tips to keep teeth white exist. Limit or eliminate smoking and drinking caffeinated beverages. Coffees and teas can stain your teeth. Sodas and other cola and sugary products can darken teeth too. If you do smoke or drink products like coffee and teas, make sure you brush soon after and floss soon after.

That Kissable Smile

Have that kissable smile this Valentine’s Day with white teeth provided by Morris Park Dental. Book your appointment today and the staff can ensure you get the results you desire from that healthy striking smile. Get that white smile and impress your honey this Valentine’s Day with a teeth whitening cleaning from Morris Park Dental. Book your appointment today and have a brighter beautiful smile for that Valentine’s Day date.

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