Interviewing for a Job in the Bronx? Invisalign Will Help Your Chances

bronx-invisalign-150x150In the workplace, your appearance counts in more ways than one. Your interview suit isn’t the only thing that will make an impression – your potential employers will notice a whole host of things about your appearance, from your jewelry to your hair to your teeth. That’s why Invisalign corrective aligners have become one of the most common requests at our Bronx dentist office.

An Invisalign survey asserts that 74% of Americans believe that an attractive smile is important for getting their dream job. And according to the Association for Psychological Science, it takes just a tenth of a second for your employer to make a judgment on an interviewee based on their facial appearance. Other studies have even shown that the least attractive workers in an industry will earn 10-15% less per year than the most attractive employees.

What does all this data mean? It implies that for maximum career benefit, potential employees should make a good first impression. If you’re having trouble making that good impression, one of the biggest changes you can make in your appearance is in straightening your teeth in the Bronx with Invisalign.

Bronx Invisalign vs. Metal Braces

Though they may be cheaper (depending on the condition of your mouth), attempting to improve your smile with traditional metal braces can have adverse effects on your career. Metal braces draw almost as much unwanted attention as occluded (or misaligned) teeth. Their unnatural appearance might even be negatively compounded by changes in speech patterns, which means that your potential employer’s first impressions will be underwhelming.

1.5 million patients worldwide have already used Invisalign, and Bronx patients will also benefit from these near-invisible clear corrective aligners. With Invisalign, Bronx patients looking to begin (or restart) their careers can make that great first impression while correcting their teeth. Employers, clients and coworkers will all be dazzled by your smile!

To learn more about Invisalign, visit our Bronx practice’s Invisalign info page, ormake an appointment for an Invisalign consultation today!