Try Sedation Dentistry: Painless Dentistry in the Bronx

sleep-dentistry-bronx-150x150Whether you’re due for a cleaning or you’re looking for a full mouth restoration, nobody likes a visit to the dentist. Metal pokes and prods are never fun, and dentist appointments make some patients anxious enough to look for ways out. That’s where sedation dentistry can be a great answer! In New York, sedation (or “sleep”) dentistry is the most relaxing way to take care of your teeth.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Mildly nervous patients can request the most benign form of sedation dentistry, which makes use of the antianxiety drugs triazolam or Valium along with nitrous oxide (which many know as laughing gas). Many patients don’t even remember their visit!

More severely anxious patients may choose to ask for intravenous sedation or general anesthesia. Under this stronger form of sedation dentistry, patients are guaranteed to sleep through the entire procedure. It’s most useful for lengthier procedures, since patients under general anesthesia may require supervision after their appointments.

Can I Ask for Sedation Dentistry Here in New York?

If you’re looking for the most gentle dental visit possible, make sure to ask your Bronx dentist about sedation dentistry.

One important question you should ask: is your dentist certified to provide sedation dentistry in New York? Though general anesthesia is generally very safe, the application of anesthesia is a complex and delicate process. That’s why highly trained dentist anesthesiologists are the only dentists able to practice sedation, or “sleep” dentistry.

What Procedures Are Eligible for Sleep Dentistry?

Anything from a simple cleaning to a full mouth restoration or root canals can be enhanced with sedation dentistry processes here in New York. There’s no longer any reason to fear the dentist – as long as you’re comfortable with sedation dentistry processes, you never have to be afraid of the dentist again!

Next time you get one of those little reminders from your dentist in the mail, don’t be afraid. Just give us a call and ask about sleep dentistry in New York! (718) DR-SMILE

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