How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity Caused By Teeth Whitening in the Bronx

teeth-whitening-bronxLaser teeth whitening in the Bronx is the perfect way to instantly brighten your smile. Summertime is the season to flash your bright white smile. This professional teeth whitening procedure provides instantaneous results. And if you’re concerned about being able to cool off with an ice cream cone later, don’t be: with these simple tips and tricks, any tooth sensitivity after whitening you may experience can be avoided.

How Laser Teeth Whitening Works

Tooth discoloration is caused by the following:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Smoking
  • Dark sodas

You can reverse this damage with professional laser teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening procedure is done using an LED whitening laser. Your Bronx teeth whitening dentist will first place whitening gel on your teeth.  It will sit for 15 minutes and then the LED laser is applied to activate the gel.  This laser whitening process takes approximately 45 minutes. This means that in one hour, you can have a complete teeth whitening in the Bronx. Laser teeth whitening also allows you to decide on the degree of whitening you would like.

What Are the Causes Of Tooth Sensitivity After Teeth Whitening?

The two main reasons why some people experience tooth sensitivity after teeth whitening are:

  • Genetics: Some people are more prone to experiencing tooth sensitivity than others.  Those who experience tooth sensitivity for other reasons such as from hot or cold foods may also experience sensitivity triggered by teeth whitening.
  • Enamel Strength:  Frequent exposure to sodas and other acidic foods and drinks can weaken the enamel and result in tooth sensitivity after a whitening treatment.

How to Prevent Tooth Sensitivity After Whitening

Are you thinking about getting teeth whitening in the Bronx, but are concerned that it will cause too much pain?  Are you worried that a tooth whitening treatment may cause tooth sensitivity? You do not need to.  There are several methods which can be implemented to prevent tooth sensitivity caused by whitening.

  • Do not consume highly acidic foods and drinks
  • Regularly use fluoride enhanced toothpaste and mouthwash
  • Use dental products labeled for sensitive teeth
  • Avoid brushing your teeth too hard

If you follow these simple rules, you can have a bright whitened smile without worrying about suffering from tooth sensitivity after whitening.

To find out more about Teeth Whitening in the Bronx, visit our Teeth Whitening Information page.

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