Whitening Your Teeth With Invisalign In the Bronx

Invisalign in the Bronx as a Tooth Whitenerinvisalign-bronx

if you already have invisalign, then you are one step closer to having that perfect smile you’ve always wanted. However, you may also want to brighten your smile with a whitening treatment. Getting a white smile with invisalign is easier than you think. Did you know that your alignment trays can also be used as teeth whitening bleaching tray?

Your invisalign braces dentist can provide you with a whitening gel which you at home can place in your invisalign aligners. Depending on the strength and type of whitening gel that you and your invisalign braces dentist agree on, the gel will be worn as you straighten your teeth from one to twelve hours. The longer wearing gels are designed to be worn overnight.

How To Whiten Your Teeth With You Invisalign Attachments

The main concern that most Bronx Invisalign patients have about whitening their teeth with their invisalign aligner trays is that the attachments that are on the teeth will block that area of the teeth from getting bleached. They worry the teeth may appear darker under the areas where the attachments were placed.

This is can be avoided if you plan ahead for your whitening treatment. Talk to your invisalign braces dentist about getting attachments that are a few shades lighter than your teeth. Some bleaching gels also bleach under the attachment. So even while your attachments are still on, once you use your whitening gel, they will be the same color as your new white smile.

Another option is to use the aligners as whitening trays at the end of your treatment once the attachments have been removed. The aligner trays are already perfectly molded to your teeth and therefore are the perfect way to maximize the effects of professional strength whitening gel!

If you have been putting off whitening treatment due to your invisalign, you now know you have other options!

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