Invisalign vs. Metal Braces in 2015

braces-for-kidsIt is a new year here in the Bronx and Invisalign has some major advantages over the old metal braces that go beyond the cosmetic dentistry side. Obviously it is more appearance friendly to have almost invisible braces compared to clunky metal in your mouth, but what are the other major benefits of Invisalign?

Traditional Metal Braces

There are medical risks with metal braces. A common side effect of metal braces is headaches. This is caused from the installation causing the area of the mouth to think that it has been through trauma and swelling happens because of this. There are also mouth sores from the metal brackets rubbing against the sensitive tissues of the mouth.

Metal braces are attached to your teeth, so if you are experiencing migraines from the metal braces, you will have to wait for that next orthodontic appointment for the orthodontist to loosen them. It is not uncommon for patients to have to go back to their orthodontist to get the wires loosened after their braces were tightened too much and they are in serious pain. This can mean waiting for the orthodontist to be able to see you when they can fit you in to their schedules. The emergency room or your local urgent care is not going to do this.


The Invisalign clear aligners are removable. Invisalign works by switching the clear Invisalign aligner with a new one every couple of weeks. This system uses 3-D computer imaging technology to plan out the aligners from start to the position of the teeth that is desired. It gently moves the teeth along without trauma to the mouth. The patient can simply remove the Invisalign aligners without having to go to the orthodontist if there is any extreme discomfort. You only have to see your orthodontist every couple of months to make sure the system is working well for you and check on the alignment progress being made.

in_hand1The Invisalign process does not include mouth sores like metal braces does. The slick and flexible material in the Invisalign aligners does not cause any harm to the sensitive mouth tissues. Mouth sores and damage to the tissues from metal braces can lead to serious infections and other conditions in the mouth. Invisalign removes this danger to your health.

You can also remove the aligners to brush and floss your teeth. This leads to better overall mouth health. Metal braces trap food, cause stains, and damage your teeth.

Downsides of Metal Braces

Root loss, tooth decay, and breakage is a major problem with metal braces. There can be a formation of plaque around the bracket and the glue that keeps the bracket connected to the teeth with metal braces. It is impossible to clean this off every day and it can lead to breakage from cavities caused from this buildup.

Another cosmetic issue is when you get the metal braces off, that wonderful day is turned into a not so wonderful day, because of the staining around the brackets. It will look like an outline of the brackets by the time you get them off. Think of a bathing suit line on your teeth. Fixing this staining caused by the metal braces is not included in the price of the metal braces.

Root loss has been in patients that had extended metal braces put on their teeth by their orthodontist. The root loss is caused by the teeth being pressured into moving to forcefully and damaging the roots. The roots are the lifeline to the teeth. Shortening and damaging them is not good at all. The Invisalign aligners gently move the teeth with care. There is not any harsh pulling on the roots with Invisalign and no root damage.

Did you could end up being allergic to the metal in metal braces? Orthodontic patients can be sensitive to the metal in the braces and have some extremely awful reactions. It is not an uncommon occurrence with traditional metal braces either. Oral lesions and another condition that is called “Burning Mouth Syndrome”, because it feels like your mouth is burning, can be some symptoms of an allergic reaction to the metal braces. Some other symptoms are fatigue, skin rashes, and headaches can all be symptoms of an allergic reaction to the metal in the braces.

There is a lot of force being place on teeth enamel and roots with traditional medal braces. This can, of course, lead to breakage in the teeth. These are all caused because of the abrasive technique involved in straightening the teeth with metal braces. Invisalign aligners gently align the teeth without the risk of these awful circumstances. There is less trauma to the teeth, gums, and mouth.

Caring for braces can take time and patience. Metal braces limit what you can eat and clean out of them. Your favorite foods are no longer your friend when you have metal braces. It is not fun to have to think about if you can clean what you are about to eat out of your braces before each meal. Invisalign aligners are easy to clean and you can discretely remove them before you eat. To clean the Invisalign aligners, you just use some baking soda or basic denture cleaner and a soft tooth brush.

Benefits of Invisalign

You can straighten your teeth without anyone knowing when you use the Invisalign system. The clear retainers are not notable and are removable and clear. Nobody is going to notice your way of straightening and perfecting your teeth. They are no clunky like braces and are made to fit your original mouth perfectly. 3D computer imaging technology is used to make sure you have a perfect fit to your mouth with each aligner at every step.

The Invisalign system of perfecting your teeth allows you to go on that blind date, to be in your friend’s wedding, and to ace that job interview with confidence. Your smile is one of the most important parts of you and a nice smile can change your life! Your insurance may cover Invisalign just like it does the old metal braces.

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