Valentine’s Day Sweet Teeth

valentines $50 offIt is getting close to Valentine’s Day in the Bronx and the candy is coming! Sweet and soft caramel, truffles, and red hots are just some of the tasty treats that are coming our way. Let’s talk about how to protect the teeth and help prevent tooth damage during Valentine’s Day in NYC. Don’t forget to call our local convenient Morris Park Dentist office and request a dental appointment as soon as possible. Call (718) DR.SMILE (718-377-6453) today! Right now you can get $50 off ZOOM Teeth Whitening as our Valentine’s Day gift to you!


There are the different textures that have different effects on the teeth. Hard Candies can damage the teeth by chipping them or just giving them an extra dose of sugar. Soft and chewy candies are hard to remove from the teeth and get into the gums, causing further opportunity for tooth decay. Chocolate that is not well made can contain oils as their first ingredient and then the cocoa. These oils are really bad for the tooth enamel and hard to remove. Cupcakes and cookies can also contain chewy oils and lots of sugar. Brownies are another good source for lots of sugar in a chewy form. They stick to teeth and gums long after they have been eaten. It is very important to floss and brush after a day of sweets.

Choosing sweet treats for your family can be difficult. Try finding chocolates and candies made with Xylitol, a sugar substitute that really tastes like sugar without being harmful to the tooth enamel. High-quality chocolates that are 50% or more cocoa are better for the teeth than the cheaper kinds. Buying hard candies for the kids is not good either. There are some healthy Valentine’s Day Snacks, heart shaped cheese and strawberries. There are many Bronx Valentine’s Day alternatives for health treats that still say Valentine’s Day loud and clear.

Hard candies are often made up of mostly sugars and can cause damage to their teeth from the chewing. There are so many sugar substitutes available today in the grocery store. You can use most of them with the common Bronx Valentine’s Day recipes for sweets and pastries. They have the measurements for replacing the sugar on the bags most of the time. You do have to be careful because some chocolate and cookie recipes might not turn out well with the sugar substitutes. The trick is to find the recipes online that are already changed around and adapted for the sugar free substitutes. There are plenty to choose from and most of them taste better, if not the same as, the one’s with sugar.

When it comes to staining, it is not just the candies. The cupcakes and cookies for Valentine’s Day normally contain some strong red food coloring’s or at least pink food coloring that can easily stain the teeth. It is easy to walk by a table at a party or work and grab a nice cookie with red frosting in the shape of a heart, but it could end up ruining the last teeth whitening that you had done. Be careful to clean the teeth really good at night if you end up eating a lot of sweets. Brush your teeth two times if you think they are not clean the first time. Floss really good to get all of those red hot cupcakes out from in between your teeth.

Controlling yourself around candy and cupcakes is hard enough, controlling kids is a whole other issue. If the have a lot of candy and sweets from Valentine’s Day, tell them that they can split it up over the next couple months to have a little after a healthy meal for desert over time so they are not getting hit with a big sugar rush on their teeth. It is hard not to let them go a little nuts on Valentine’s Day, but the leftover candy is what needs to be controlled. Explaining this to children can be simple. The more sweets the body gets, the more it wants, so spreading it out over time can help the body not crave so many sweets.

Splitting up the leftovers is healthy for the rest of the body too. Store their candy in the freezer and thaw out completely as needed, this can help hide it and keep it fresh. This is also something adults can do for themselves.

You can also give kids other things for Valentine’s Day that they need and to show them you care. You can give some stickers, gift cards to their favorite stores and a nice Valentine’s Day card, something they have been wanting that is not costly and wrap it up in red, and maybe a new toothbrush and toothpaste.

The time of day that we eat candy and sweets can really effect our teeth. It is a common no-no that people end up eating a few pieces of candy or a sweet cupcake before bed. This is the worst time to eat sweets. Make sure if you slip, to brush and flush to get all that sugar off the teeth before bedtime. Moderation is also a good thing when it comes to sweets.

Sweet foods that we may get for Valentine’s Day such as, strawberries or oranges, drenched in chocolate. The acidic juices can erode the enamel on the teeth. Brushing at the right times can prevent further damage. Don’t brush right after eating acidic foods and juices. Wait at least thirty minutes to make sure you are not brushing away your enamel. If you eat a whole lot of acidic foods and drink a lot of juices, try enamel strengthening toothpastes designed to help with the enamel protection, but these acidic foods should always be eaten in moderation just like sweets.

Valentine’s Day does not have to be all about the candy. You can make heart shaped healthy foods or even things like heart shapes biscuits and pizza. Here is a link to some heart shaped foods on Pinterest that can give you some ideas on what to make: . Adults and kids will love some of these ideas. My favorites are the heart shaped pepperoni, the heart shaped eggs, and the heart sandwiches. These little shapes are great way to put some love into your food for Valentine’s Day!

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