What is a Gentle Dentist in New York City?

gentle-dentalMost people would rather not go to the dentist for one most obvious reason, dentist visits can get painful. Well, that is before Gentle Dentist in New York City. At last, a dentist you’ve been looking for. With gentle dentistry, avoiding the dentist appointments because of the pain they may cause is not a good enough excuse anymore!

  • Remain at ease with music or television while you maintain the health of your teeth.
  • Increase your confidence with a smile your sure to not regret.
  • Eliminate pain and discomfort while securing your teeth’s health.

212 Smiling has the best medications to help the visit at the dentist office stay pain-free. You can sure to be shocked and amazed at the advances in dentistry that have been incorporated into Gentle Dentistry procedures.

Ever wished you could sleep through the dentist visit? Wish just came true. One way 212 Smiling goes about their gentle care is through Sedation Dentistry.

Sedation Dentistry allows you to sleep through your dentist appointment with oral and IV pain medications. Unlike general anesthesia with the risks and aftereffects, the medications used for sedative dentistry leave you with no memory of your dentist appointment. This could eliminate your fears of having to go through a “painful” or uncomfortable dentist visit. These medications are customized to your health, treatment and level of fear so that your dentist visit is as gentle as possible for you!

Even if you just want to get a quick nap throughout a simple mouth cleansing visit, the sedation dentistry procedure is the best for you! Bonus: there is no “recovery” phase after the procedure! Once you wake up, your new teeth are ready to be showed off.

The most easing fact about gentle dentistry is the comfort care that is provided at 212 smiling. Feel like bringing your favorite movie from home while you wait to get the perfect smile you wanted? To provide more comfort for the gentle dentist procedure, you can bring your favorite DVD’s or CD’s with you to the next appointment! At 212 Smiling all of the rooms for dental treatment, have DVD players and CD players and also a collection of their own for you to choose from. Not to mention that not only in theaters will you be able to see a 3D movie. There are virtual reality glasses that give movies a genuine 3D effect. Quickly call your local office to start having the fun you would never have expected at a dentist office.