Back to School! Get Your Child’s Smile Ready

Bronx Pediatric Dentist
Can you believe summer’s almost over? As you and your child stock up on school supplies, remember these simple ways to keep your child’s smile at its best once school is in session:

  • Fill the lunch box with nutritious, dental-friendly foods like apples, celery, yogurt and milk which are good for the body but also promote oral health.
  • Pack a water bottle instead of juice to limit sugar intake, inhibit oral bacteria growth and maintain a healthy oral pH.
  • Have a mouthguard ready to protect your child’s smile during sports and gym activities.
  • Schedule an orthodontic consultation to ensure that the teeth are aligned properly. Poorly aligned teeth can cause other health problems, or be a sign of sleep problems or unhealthy oral habits.
  • Put a small toothbrush and toothpaste in your child’s backpack to use after lunch. This is especially important for children in braces in order to avoid cavities and other complications after removal of braces.
  • College age kids should also be seen before going back to school in the Fall to avoid any interruptions or distractions from their studies during the school year.

Click here for more information about the pediatric and orthodontic services we provide. It is always easier to get your child’s dental check-up completed before the first school bell rings, but our schedule fills up fast, so give us a call at 718-377-6453 to reserve your child’s check-up appointment today.