Send Your Dentist Some Love On Bronx Dentist’s Day! March 6, 2015

dr kim 2Dentist’s day in the Bronx is a day to wear those pearly white teeth with pride and thank your Bronx dentist for all the work that goes into keeping your beautiful smile perfect. It is also a day to remember to take good care of your teeth and improve your dental routine. Call now for a free dental consultation in the Bronx. Call our Bronx Dentists in our Morris Park Avenue dental office (718) DR.SMILE (718-377-6453) or request a complimentary consultation.

There is no reason to ever be afraid of going to the dentist office for a check up. They are there to help you and to help you improve the health of your mouth and teeth. Getting regular check ups and cleanings can make sure that you have those teeth for a long time. Taking care of your mouth can mean better overall health for the rest of your body also. Your NYC dentist is there to help you.

Dreading a dentist visit can come from fear of pain or judgment. That is just silly! Our Morris Park bronx-awningBronx dental office can make sure that you are comfortable during a checkup. Cleanings and x-rays should not cause any pain. Fillings that need to be done on occasion are just a part of life. Everybody will get a cavity at some point no matter how well they take care of their teeth. Your Bronx dentist is not there to judge you because of this. They are there to help treat and prevent cavities from forming into serious tooth decay and prevent the problem from getting worse.

Sitting in the dental chair can also be a fear that some people have. Your dentist will provide a blanket for you if it makes you feel more comfortable and soothing music to help you relax. If you are super anxious about visiting the dentist for your routine cleaning, checkup, or filling, your dentist can sometimes provide a light sedative or gas that can help you feel more comfortable during the checkup or fillings.

Dentist’s Day is a good day to think about improving your oral hygiene routine that you do daily. Do you floss in the evening? Do you use a good mouthwash that is recommended by your dentist? It may be time to take your dentist’s advice and brush, floss, and use a good mouthwash at least twice a day. Maybe research what type of toothpaste is best for you. Reduce your sugar intake because nothing causes teeth to get cavities faster than sugar sitting on them!

Your New York City dentist works hard to make sure that you have a lovely smile! Show them some love on Dentist’s day. Maybe you can send them a picture of your beautiful smile or send them a thank you card to let them know how much they are appreciated. Write on the Morris Park Dental  Facebook wall a note of gratitude for the good job on keeping your mouth healthy. Your dentist will appreciate the good dental reviews. Make sure to tell your dentist Happy Dentist’s Day on March 6!

Call our Morris Park Dentist office and request a dental appointment and free consultation for all of your dentistry needs. From cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and dentures, we can help you look and feel great! Call (718) DR.SMILE (718-377-6453) today to find out more about Dentistry In The Bronx. Happy Dentist’s Day!