Going Green for Saint Patrick’s Day in the Bronx!

Here is some history about Saint Patrick’s Day

st-patricks-day-green-dental-officeThe National Irish American Heritage Month was designated by congress in 1995 and there is a celebration of Saint Patrick, The Bishop of Ireland on March 17th. The holiday is to celebrate the Irish culture. The first Saint Patrick’s Day parades began in New York in 1762 by Irish members of the British Army. The holiday was originally started for the Irish to celebrate their past heritage and keep their traditions alive after being separated from their homeland. It is now a worldwide celebration of wearing green, getting pinched if you are not, and parades in several United States cities.

Our Commitment To An Environmentally Friendly Dental Office in the Bronx

You might be interested to know on St. Patrick’s Day, that our dental office in the Bronx is a Green Dentist’s Office! There are several ways that our Bronx dental office is environment friendly.

Non-mercury and non-amalgam fillings

white fillingsWhen we treat cavities with a filling, we use non-mercury and non-amalgam fillings. This means that our office is keeping you, our staff, and the environment healthy by not using toxic mercury materials. When other Bronx dentists use these mercury or amalgam fillings, they normally have to remove more of the natural tooth than is necessary and the material can be toxic to your body. If mercury gets in your body, it does not just go away and it can be transmitted to your children. This is a very important fact about how green we are.

A digital dental office

Our office is also digital. Electronic dental patient reminders through email and text help our office to be greener. We also use digital x-rays which eliminate the chemicals, paper, and foil trash that are products of traditional x-rays. That means that you are not being exposed to those things either. Digital x-rays also use up to 90% less radiation than the traditional kind. There is also less waiting time for a digital x-ray. Your dentist can see your teeth immediately without developing the images.

Rechargeable batteries, water filters and recycling

There are a few more things in the office, such as using rechargeable batteries for our equipment that uses them and energy saving overhead lights. Recycling ink cartridges is another less noticeable way our Bronx dental office is green. Our water filter is much better than water bottles and coolers in the office for the environment. When an instrument or tool gets worn out, we are a part of the recycling program with Henry Schein, and they give us one new instrument for every 12 that we recycle.

A green environment

Our Morris Park Avenue dental office in the Bronx has invested in maintaining a green environment for the earth and the patients. We will continue to research and use the latest green materials and techniques for keeping our dental patients, their teeth, our staff, and the earth healthy!

Call our Morris Park Dentist office and request a dental appointment and free consultation for all of your dentistry needs. From cosmetic dentistry to dental implants and dentures, we can help you look and feel great! Call (718) DR.SMILE (718-377-6453) today to find out more about Dentistry In The Bronx.

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!