What Causes Yellow Teeth? Get Help with Teeth Whitening in the Bronx

teeth-whitening-bronx-150x150Before you start looking for professional teeth whitening in the Bronx, you should first determine the causes of your yellow teeth. This ensures that your Bronx dentist uses the correct teeth whitening procedure, and that your teeth continue to sparkle for as long into the future as possible.

Most teeth tend to absorb regularly consumed substances like coffee, wine, or cigarette smoke because they are porous. If you know you have any of the major causes of yellow teeth below, consider looking for teeth whitening in Bronx treatments.

7 Reasons You Need Teeth Whitening in the Bronx

  • Poor dental hygiene. To prevent the buildup of plaque (which over time builds up and eventually hardens into a yellowish tartar that discolors teeth), it is important to brush and floss regularly.
  • Tobacco usage. Nicotine creates deep-seated stains in your teeth enamel over time. The only way smokers can combat this cause of yellow teeth is by quitting, and teeth whitening in the Bronx is the only way to eliminate the stains.
  • Dark, acidic food/drinks. If you regularly consume things like coffee, tea, sodas, red wines, or dark berries, they will alter the color of your teeth enamel over time. In particular, acidic foods can break down your enamel and enhance that effect.
  • Dental fillings. Certain dental fillings made of silver sulfide (amalgam restorations)  will cause your teeth to appear grayish-black in the light.
  • Genetics. If you’re born with naturally thick enamel , your dentin will be less visible. You could also be born with enamel that’s naturally darker than someone else’s. Teeth whitening in the Bronx can alter the appearance of naturally yellow teeth.
  • Age. Our inner dentin (below the enamel) is a naturally yellow color, and as we get older our enamel erodes and lets this dentin shine through.
  • Medications. Certain antibiotics discolor children’s teeth during development. In adults, certain antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure drugs result in teeth discoloration.

Consult with your Bronx dentist about your options if you’re experiencing yellow teeth caused by any of the above situations. To prevent yellow teeth, it’s important to regularly brush and floss. You can also try using straws with liquids like coffee or soda to minimize contact with teeth, and brush your teeth within an hour of consumption.

For teeth that are already yellow or stained, ask your dentist about options for teeth whitening in the Bronx. We provide many different service teeth whitening in the Bronx at Morris Park Dental, and can work with you to find the right whitening service for you. Give us a call at () 504-0697, or contact us for an appointment.