Alcohol and Dental Implants: Should You Mix Them? dental implant procedures are performed on adults, and a majority of the adult population consumes alcohol on a varying basis. When it comes to alcohol and dental implants, patients and past patients may be concerned about possible effects tied to consuming alcoholic beverages.

While there are very few studies surrounding alcohol and dental implants, several assumptions or deductions can be made based off similar dental surgeries, as well as looking at the effects of smoking has on implants.

  • Reduced healing ability
  • Coagulation
  • Higher rate of implant failure
  • Inflammation around your dental implants

Alcohol and Your Bronx Dental Implants Procedure

Using a standard Manhattan or Bronx Dental Implants procedure as an example, let’s walk through the aspects where alcohol and dental implants may cross paths.

Before the Procedure:

Consuming alcohol before a dental implants surgery should be avoided as it will reduce your ability to heal and can affect coagulation, which is where proteins in your blood help form clots to heal wounds.

Post Procedure:

Drinking alcohol after the procedure is also discouraged. It will similarly affect the recovery period as coagulation will be challenged.  Also, excessive drinking will cause a dry mouth which may inflame the areas around those dental implants.

Playing it Safe with Alcohol and Dental Implants

Many mouthwashes can contain traces of alcohol, so try to find a mouthwash that has no alcohol in it. This may be considered extreme, but its better to be safe than sorry.  Overall, moderate to excessive drinking will increase the changes of complications post-surgery.

With alcohol or any substance abuse, if the problem gets to a certain point, it is no stretch to say dental care, including dental implants, will be affected.

It is best to play it safe before heading in for your Bronx dental implants procedureand those who are addicted or abuse alcohol should consider alternative solutions or prepare themselves for the risk involved by mixing alcohol and dental implants. The healing period will differ across all individuals so there is no suggested time frame for refraining from drinking alcohol.

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